Derek of Thrusholm

Upstart bully, wasting his squire years.


Attributes: Agility 8, Smarts 4, Spirit 4, Strength 8, Vigor 8. Skills: Fighting 8, Riding 8, Notice 4, Guts 4, Intimidation 6, Taunt 4, Shooting 4. Hindrances: Mean, Arrogant, Vengeful. Edges: Brawny, Rich.


Fief Thrusholm was a destitute house, known for its ill luck in crops and industry. However, that all changed for the lord and his family in the year 450. Along with the birth of a healthy male heir came the discovery of a vein of silver running through the barony, thus catapulting the family into the lap of luxury. They brought their son up, preparing him to represent the family in the royal court, hoping to barter for a marriage of status. The son became used to special treatment, spoiled by the thought that money made him better than others. He was sponsored as a page and he flourished in the eyes of his trainers and teachers, but when they weren’t looking, he would torment the rest of the page caste if they were weaker than him or poorer than his own family. In his second year as a page, when on an errand with a training Knight, he was harrowing the daughter of the local seamstress, ripping her stuffed bear apart. He was then confronted by a local boy, and a fight ensued. He was trounced soundly, with all being witnessed by the Knight whom he was there to assist. He was punished, later, when they had returned to the pages quarters. Grudges hold fast to some people, and at the end of that year, when the local boy was sponsored as a page as well, Derek set himself to the job of getting even.

Derek of Thrusholm

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